What Are Your Health And Safety Responsibilities at Work?

Even though many workplaces are considered safe and responsible for their employees, many precautions are still neglected in the workplace! The Health and Safety at Work gives employers the responsibility to ensure the health and well-being of all their workers. This obligation can extend to other people via 1st Quality Safety Consulting who may be associated with the company. 

However, if no real inspections are done, things can deviate from this expectation. Health and safety policies and procedures must be signed and dated by the person who has overall responsibility for the employee. 

In these circumstances, company partners must be trained in various cases. Potential employee training programs include health and safety awareness training, manual handling training, food safety training, CDM training, fire safety training, and more.

Health and safety management regulations state that it is the responsibility of employers to carry out risk assessments for all hazardous substances and, therefore, they are responsible not only for implementing these assessments but also for ensuring that staff is trained and effective way to use them.

While training and management systems may seem simple, several different areas require risk assessment in the workplace. If the employer of the company does not know about this job, then training must be carried out. Some examples of areas that need to be assessed are manual handling operations, personal protective equipment, work equipment, and hand vibration (HAV).