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Unique Ways To Ask Your Friends To Be Your Bridesmaids

Choosing a bridesmaid can be a daunting or very tedious task. It usually doesn't hurt a lot when you have different sisters and a few close friends you've had for a long time.

Ask your bridesmaid if she wants to be your bridesmaid and "will you be my bridesmaid" is the best option. Many websites sell this type of card. You can also look for the creative will you be my bridesmaid cards via an online source.

will you be my bridesmaid cards

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Sending gifts to bridesmaids when they live far away is a great way to inquire. A great gift idea is to have a T-shirt that says "Bridesmaid" and "Maid of Honor" with the date of the wedding and email your future bridesmaids with a nice letter or card.

You can have personalized stationery for several websites online to suit your wedding or bridal shower theme.

Some brides prefer to ask their bridesmaids first, and then other bridesmaids – the second honor. That way, bridesmaids can decline your invitation and even give you time to find a replacement without your other bridesmaids feeling like a second choice when you have to ask one of them to be your bridesmaid.

It would also be nice to serve your maid with respect when you plan to ask your fellow bridesmaids. Whatever you choose, it will be an unforgettable experience for you and your bridesmaids.