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Appliances To Prevent Thumb Sucking

Thumb-sucking brings comfort to toddlers and small children. But if this habit continues, it can cause serious loss to jaws and teeth. There are appliances available for your child's Thumb sucking habit -thumb palatal crib fixed or removable device. There are websites such as https://stopthumbsucking.org/thumb-sucking-appliances/ that provide all the necessary information about thumb sucking appliances.

Some of the appliances are mentioned below: 

Rake appliance

This appliance is not very sharp,  if your child attempts to suck his thumb it will cause discomfort

and prevent it from resting on the child's mouth. 

Bluegrass appliance

Bluegrass uses a spinning roller that breaks the patient’s addiction and maintains the anterior teeth to return to their regular position. This tool is designed for a child who does not respond to the traditional palatal crib 

Thumb Crib

Thumb CribBut if your child is thumb-sucking a more serious, the permanent device may be needed. A thumb fixed palatal crib is a metal alliance that is placed in the mouth and connected to the upper molars. 

The base of this device is made of soldered wires that prevent the thumb from getting in contact with the gums. This tool reduces the comfort you have when the child sucks his thumb, and from time to time, will break the habit completely.

Hawley retainer thumb appliance

This appliance looks like a device that patients wear after removal of their braces but there is semicircular cable to prevent thumb sucking.