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All About Product Development Training

Product development training programs involve an extensive range of workshops to provide practical training in new product development, as well as training regarding practices and concepts of concurrent engineering (CE), integrated product development (IPD), integrated product and process development (IPPD) and different methods and tools to assist in product development.

Evaluate and improve the product development workshop usually a half-day workshop. This workshop trains individuals in the above method for benchmarking practices to assess and improve the company's product development environment.

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What is product development (new product development - NPD ...

Integrated product development workshops are usually one to three-day workshops based on best practices related to the dimensions of the product development strategy, the company, and a method, plan optimization, and technology tools.

This workshop may consist of exercises to emphasize the concepts presented. This training may prove useful for product development professionals and functional managers or later one day may help to executive management.

Concept development workshop is a three-day workshop relating to the procedure for determining consumer desires and requirements, develop product specifications, an alternative concept to build, and evaluate and select the ideal concept approach. Workshops scattered throughout this process to make the training on-the-job available with the actual projects.

Critical Chain project management workshop is a realistic method to address the risks and uncertainties generally associated with product development projects. 

Lean product development is a 2-3 day training workshop. Concentrating on the principles and practices of lean product development that focuses on reducing waste, work-in-process, and the time required from the start of project implementation. This workshop was also associated with a sleek design that focuses on minimizing waste in the form of higher costs and poor quality in the product design itself.