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Holistic Medicine – What Is It?

If you asked ten people what their definition of holistic medicine was, there is a good likelihood that you would receive almost as many answers as people you asked! Holistic medicine encompasses an entire realm of various forms of preventative measures and healing techniques that focus on the mind, body and spirit as cooperative parts of the system we call "life."

Holistic Medicine as a System of Care

At heart, and when practised with the best intent, holistic medicine is a complete system of health care that is based on complete cooperation with everyone involved – from patients to doctors, to therapists and helpers of every level. The goal of this type of system is not to make more money for corporations that manufacture pharmaceuticals, nor is it to make insurance companies more attractive to investors.

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Instead, a holistic health system of care fosters an environment of compassion and wholeness. In addition, traditional and modern medical practices come together to create a system intended to create optimal health, rather than simply treat illness.

While holistic medicine was pooh-poohed for a time, it is quickly becoming a more popular system of care than those systems that are based solely on modern medicine – and that's a great thing for everyone!