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UV business card printing: needs and benefits

As the name implies, the cards are used especially for business purposes. They contain individual or corporate business information and therefore play an essential role during formal presentations. Sharing business cards during proper presentations is a matter of convenience. The format of a normal business card comprises the name of the company or supplier, related contact information, and the company association by the symbol.

UV coated business cards are most preferred when it comes to business cards that are modernized. The reason behind this is that they have a longer life, speed up the printing procedure, and have a stylish appearance. UV coated business cards can be colored on one or both sides, depending on individual requirements and selection. You can find the latest business card designs at https://www.puremetalcards.com/blog/gold-business-cards/.

Plastic business cards can set your company apart from your opponents. There are only two types of card stock that plastic business card design can be printed on transparent or translucent and solid. There is a little difference between clear and solid plastic cards. As with other business cards, clear business cards have square corners, while sturdy plastic cards can have curved corners. Plastic cards are durable, waterproof, and look refined. These qualities make plastic business cards perfect for business.

Cards with a matte finish have a smooth, non-glossy appearance and appear quite elegant. These cards are applied with an aqueous coating after the conclusion of the printing procedure which makes your business card smoother relative to normal printing after the matte (opaque) finishes.

Silk lamination cards, as the name in particular suggests, are laminated with silk on both sides, giving them a silky look. Silk Lamination cards are waterproof, durable, and look quite expensive.


Shapes and designs for business cards

Currently, there are a large number of designs and shapes available for business cards. As we know very well that business cards are the representative of our business and tell us what we are offering to customers. You can select one of the best designs for your business cards. Some of them are given below:

Normal: The standard business card is actually a 3.5 "x 2" rectangle with square corners. This could be the basic size and style that every printing company prints for a standard price.

Round Corners – Round corner cards are a variation on standard organization cards. Once printed regularly, a die-cut creates rounded corners to give you a different shape. You may buy high-quality metal business cards through Pure Metal Cards.

Square – A fast-growing trend in operational card printing, square cards are a unique version of the normal card. They are smaller than normal, just 2 "x2", but they will definitely separate your business card from all the others. Square cards are fun and can show your clients that you have a good personality and are a creative person.

Die-Cut: Die-cut business cards are the most unique you can have. If you choose to make a die-cut, you can choose from the standard dies or choose one of the die cuts that your printing company may currently have. There is also the option to create your individual die-cut, where you can choose or design any shape for your die-cut.