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How to Choose the Right Custom Polo Shirts Style

Custom embroidered polo shirts are the perfect corporate gift for your business or branding tool for your sports team. There are several types of shirts to choose from. Depending on your clothing style and personal preferences, you can go with a sporty or classy look.

  • Plain shirt

The plain polo shirt is perfect for every occasion. This style is ideal for embroidery or printing and can be adjusted to fit the most stringent requirements. To keep the design simple, you can put your logo on the chest or arm. Plain shirts are usually available in classic cotton or polyester. You can buy custom polo shirts from https://alleghenyapparel.com/polos/.

  • Display sports

Sports polo shirts are different from plain shirts, especially by selecting fabrics. The best fabric choice for this style is polyester because it is lighter and dries faster than cotton. You can also use mixed cotton and polyester fabrics, but make sure this polyester percentage is higher than cotton.

Branding options often include embroidery, print, or silicon badges. All clothes made specifically can be easily Pantone suitable to reflect the color of your right brand.

The custom made button with your company name on cans can also be achieved with requests. Polo shirts are popular among sports players. They are perfect for golfers and are often called golf shirts.