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Inspect The Health Benefits Of Tea

Tea has been thought to continue using the drug for centuries by cultures such as Japan, China, and India. Even the UK has seen tea as a health benefit for many years. It is only in recent years that the tea had been looking to the medicine and the healing benefits here in the United States.

From 1635-1657 there was a big debate in the positive or negative effects of tea on the body. The debate between doctors and university scholars mainly ignored by the general public as tea consumption continues to soar. You can know more about potential benefits of CBD tea for sleep from various internet sources.

Tea has been credited for the prevention of certain cancers such as stomach and esophageal cancer. Tea is also credited to have the ability to lower high blood pressure, lower cholesterol, prevent blood clotting and even promote a healthy immune system.

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Studies have shown that the healing or the health benefits of tea comes from compounds called polyphenols found in tea. This is generally known as antioxidants. These antioxidants protect the body cells from oxidative stress.

Tea also contains the amino acid that is unique only to tea. All components of this tea help to promote a healthy immune system and may help the body fight diseases and viruses.

The benefits of tea found to be most effective when 2 to 4 cups of tea are consumed each day. Tea also contains fluoride and contains half the caffeine as a cup of coffee. Tea also contains calories and can be a great tool for adding in a low-calorie diet to lose weight.