How to Respond to an IRS Notice?

Sometimes you find junk mail, magazines and even a bill in your mailbox. It can also contain a letter from the IRS. The IRS audit is the most frightening prospect. What should you do if you get an IRS notice? The first thing you should do is to open the IRS notice and read it. 

However, many people assume the worst and begin to imagine worse scenarios. People panic, and they react in an extreme way. They feel stupid when they receive a letter from the IRS, only to discover that the IRS has made an adjustment to their tax return and requires them to pay $20 more. If it seems to be a serious issue then you can look for a professional tax attorney to help you settle or lower your back taxes.

13 Tips for Responding to IRS Notices - Corporate Direct

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Unfortunately, most people will get an IRS notice at one time or another in their lives. Most notices are not serious. In some cases, even if you are in a very serious situation, you might just receive a letter asking you to send more money. 

What if the IRS wants to be more aggressive? If the IRS wants you to meet face-to-face with an agent, don't do it! A CPA or tax attorney can be sent to your place. This is far better than doing it yourself. This is a risky move as you don't know much about tax law. Avoid this by spending the money.

The IRS is issuing more audit notices, it is obvious. Do not panic if you receive one. It is possible to quickly handle it. Give it a chance. Refer to a qualified accountant to help you with your audit.

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