Folding Screens – For Private Spaces

A folding screen is a piece of furniture that stands vertically. It can be used in many places to build temporary private spaces. The best part about using these screens is that they act as a room divider without much investment.

They are easy to fold and to keep aside the furniture when it is not in use. In a folding screen, there are many frames that are connected with hinges.

The frames can be translucent, designer, and color that can be made of either sheets or wood.

Practically, the folding screen is used mostly for privacy purposes. From ancient times, the folding screen was used for privacy purposes. 

There are companies that are engaged in designing, in the healthcare industry, to meet the demand of creating private spaces on a temporary basis. It can be used in hospitals in the surgery room, patient room, hospital wards, and other places.

The folding screens can be used anywhere inside. They are easy to move, open, and close at your convenience. The panels can be designed according to the utility and place where you want to use the screen.

It is beneficial to use the screens in the healthcare industry because of their design, flexibility, and most importantly because they are antibacterial, flame resistant, and long-lasting.