Aging Gracefully With NAD

NAD is a molecule that controls the body's response to stress. It regulates practically every metabolic activity, from energy metabolism to cell survival. NAD levels decline with age, leading to altered metabolism and increased susceptibility to disease in older people. One of its most important roles is strengthening and protecting mitochondria, the energy storehouses of cells. Restoring NAD levels in older animals both promoted good health and extended lifespan. The discovery has stimulated a search for effective ways of keeping NAD levels in the optimal range in humans throughout life, including using artificially synthesized molecules, thereby increasing disease resistance and extending healthy human lifespans. If you are looking to reduce aging then NAD supplements will help you to achieve this goal.

NAD therapy involves supplementation of mind and body with micronutrients, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins through daily intravenous infusions. It helps in alleviating the distress caused by painful and unbearable withdrawal symptoms and regulating mood and mental clarity. NAD is the co-enzyme, which maintains the processes in all power plants. It is therefore clear, that if there is a deficiency in NAD or if there are too few power plants in the cells, that there is an energy deficiency. NAD is also produced by the body on its own, from food.