What Are the Dangers of Black Truffles?

Black truffles are considered to be one of the best foods in the world. It is a very delicious and exciting taste but has also many serious health risks. The black truffle foragers in Greece and Italy consider this food to be a gift from the gods and have used it for thousands of years.

Due to the very high temperatures in these areas, the black truffles are literally floating in the water and have to be kept cold, or else they will spoil. They are not as common as their red counterparts, but they are still good for their time.

During the early days, it was believed that they were best eaten with sugar. Foraged black truffles contain a compound called anethole. This compound is naturally present in plant foods. Scientists have found that anethole increases the absorption of sugar from foods, so by eating anise, it seems to make them sweeter.

Traditionally, some of the best truffles are eaten with a simple syrup made of water, sugar, and anethole. Since there are many flavors of black truffles and many different ways to prepare them, it is wise to use the right brand of black truffle sea salt for the task.

When shopping for sea salt, think about the types of truffles that you want to eat. If you're not sure what you like, make a list and then read the labels on the truffles. Many popular brands of sea salt are made of ground black truffles.

One of the easiest ways to tell the difference between plain black truffles and sea salt is the texture. Plain sea salt feels gritty and sandy.

Sea salt has a smoother, silkier feel to it. That said, there are varieties of sea salts on the market that are made from table salt, which should be fine for use with black truffles. Just be sure to add the salt only when the meal is served.

One of the most common brands of truffle sea salt is Robuchon. The company produces quality products and has been making them for years.

The sweetness of Robuchon sea salt really makes black truffles shine. A combination of black truffle and garlic is very good with it. However, sea salt is perfect if you're trying to be an all-around foodie and are looking for a sweet treat.

Other good brands of sea salt include the European Cuisine line of sea salts. In addition to being excellent for black truffles, these salts also make for great treats with artichokes, olives, goat cheese, and a variety of other foods.

Although not always expensive, good quality salt is better than none at all. When the choice is between spending money and sacrificing quality, it's always best to go with the latter.

By using the proper brand of black truffle salt and knowing the difference between sea salt and table salt, you can enjoy these delicious and unique treats for many years to come. And now that you know about the dangers of black truffles, you can have a great experience without them!