Various types of Gordon Ramsay knife set & their uses for your home interior

Gordon Ramsay knife set

Cutting tasks in the kitchen are done with the good chef’s knife. The knife’s blade is specifically designed for a purpose that can bring more precision and ease to the cut. However, the right type of knives will help your prepare the food with creativity and confidence. You can add the Gordon Ramsay knife set to your home; it will style up your kitchen décor and help you in various cutting tasks.

This article will tell you the most popular types of tasks and kitchen knives for your kitchen. You also learn about its various uses: –

Various types of kitchen knives: –

Here are various types of kitchen knives; some of them are versatile and others dedicated for a particular use: –

1. Chef’s Knife

It is known as the cook’s knife; it is the crucial blade in your kitchen. It has a broad blade tapering upward to a point. The knife can be 6 and 12 inches long. Moreover, the size of the blade depends on how big the cook’s hand is. A knife can be stamped or forged, but knives are mostly forged because they have frequent use and come with full tang. The bottom part of the blade extends to the whole width and length of the knife holder. It will ensure you better durability and stability than partial tang. The chef knife is used for every cutting task in the kitchen, from cutting chicken to chopping carrots. Therefore, it is the most popular addition to your kitchen.

2. Santoku Knife

Santoku knife is a western-style chef’s knife. They are slightly thinner and shorter, and they can be used mainly by those who prefer a lighter and smaller blade. The meaning of the Santoku means “three virtues,” such as mincing, slicing, and dicing. These types of knives are an all-rounder and can do every typical task. They consist of a flat blade; it doesn’t rock on the cutting board. Sometimes, these knives are made from hollow edges. Moreover, the dimple along the blade allows it to cut the fish, meat, and other tough and soft materials without reducing the speed and precision of the cut.

3. Utility Knife

Utility knives come 4 and 7 inches in length. They are used for cutting food that the chef’s knife can’t cut. Furthermore, it is not perfect for slicing and chopping large items. The small tip and narrow blade allow it to handle the tasks like trimming, filleting, and trimming better as compared to a chef’s knife.

4. Kitchen Shears

These types of knives are not technically a type of knife; they can be used as the place of a knife. In addition, it consists of a pair of scissors with strong and thick blades to handle various food materials. Besides, they are useful for sectioning chicken, octopus, preparing shrimp, snipping herbs, and many other tasks. For the home cooks, these knives are used for slicing pizza.

In the nutshell

In the market, various types of knives are available for particular uses. You can add the Gordon Ramsay knife setn your home as they consist of a lot of knives for specific use. Buy Gordon Ramsay knife setfrom