Tips for Making Awesome Whiteboard Animations

Have you ever seen videos that appear like someone is drawing on a whiteboard and explaining something This style of video is called "whiteboard animation", and if you aren't aware of their potential, then you're in for a ride! Whiteboard animation videos are pieces that mimic an artist drawing on a board in front of a camera.

Although people used whiteboards and markers in the beginning, digital animation is more common today. What makes a whiteboard animation video so powerful? Whiteboard animations help messages be understood and retained better. Yes, this includes your marketing message. Their educational potential is high, making them ideal for communicating complex ideas to your audience.


1. Always have a plan before you start.

The first step in the creation of any animated piece is writing a script. It is the foundation of all videos and will help you with the illustration, storyboard, and animation …).

Black and white drawings can be simple or they can be intricate. Your script should have a structure (a beginning and a middle) and information should be distributed in an orderly manner.

2. Next comes the storyboard

Once you have finished writing your script, it is time to create your storyboard. The storyboard should include all of the key scenes in your video to make it easier for animators, illustrators, and voice-over artists (and everyone else involved in the project).

It can be thought of as a draft of the illustrations or you can design the screens and match each screen with the appropriate part of the script. You can choose the method that best suits your animation team but don't forget the storyboard!

3. Keep in mind the three main characteristics of a whiteboard video

Whiteboard animation videos are magic because they combine its three main elements, the whiteboard, continuous drawing, as well as the drawing hand.

Whiteboard's white area is crucial to convey the message clearly. Don't use different backgrounds. You may need to use a different background if you really do.

Interconnected drawings help your audience to follow the visual narrative and reinforce the notion that the artist is scribbling on aboard. This makes your story more coherent and continuous.

A drawing hand is essential for any whiteboard animation or drawing. It brings everything together. A drawing hand is not necessary for animated videos.