The Class-Action Lawsuit Covers The Airbags Used In General Motors Vehicles

If you are a plaintiff in the GM airbag class action lawsuit, then you may be concerned about whether your vehicle is included. Vehicles that were sold or registered in the U.S. from 2001 to 2006 are potentially affected. 

What Protects Your Vehicle:

Not all GM vehicles are included in the class-action lawsuit. Vehicles that were not sold or registered in the U.S. are not affected and will not be part of the suit. There is no guarantee that your vehicle is not included, but it is safest to assume that it is not. If your vehicle is included, then you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries.

How will these airbags fix the issue?

An airbag recall case is currently in progress against General Motors. The suit claims that GM’s airbags are defective and can cause serious injuries when deployed. If you own a GM vehicle with an airbag, what affects you, and what protects you?

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Automakers face class-action suit over faulty air bags

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If you own a GM vehicle with an airbag, the lawsuit against the company could have significant consequences for you and your car. Here’s a look at what affects you and what protects you:

What Affects You:

If you are sued in connection with an airbag injury, the lawsuit could lead to costly repairs or even a loss of your car. In addition, any personal injury or property damage that you may have caused during the accident could also be covered by the lawsuit.

What Protects You:

If you are sued in connection with an airbag injury, General Motors may not be held responsible. The company has released a statement saying that the plaintiffs’ allegations are “without merit.” This means that even if you are injured in an airbag-related accident, General Motors will not be held liable.