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Basic Principles Of Web Design Services

Website design should not only look attractive but also be search engine friendly to maximize site visibility. These are the fundamental steps for SEO-friendly web design services. We will be discussing the most important aspects of SEO-compliant web design services in the next paragraphs. You can also visit to sftechnologies  to get more detail about web design services.

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Attractive Heading and Title

It is essential to have unique titles and descriptions in SEO friendly web design services. Major search engines only display the first 65-67 characters of the title. Therefore, the page title should not exceed 67 characters (with spaces). In the title, include targeted keywords. 

The same applies to the page description. Search engines retrieve 165 characters for a page description. The limit should be set at 165 characters, with keywords evenly distributed.

SEO-friendly web design services emphasize the use of header tags (H1, H2, and H3 Tags). The header tag should be used to highlight keyphrases. This will increase the relevancy of keywords and help search engines to gain information about the content.

'Alt’ Tags

To keep the textual information from being lost in images, SEO friendly web design services use 'Alt’ tags for images. The images are not recognized by search engine spiders. The 'alt' tags provide information about the images to help them index. In the 'alt" tags, targeted keywords are used.