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Basic Dog Training Made Simple

It's absolutely vital that you start to train your pet when he (or she) is young, as the first couple of months of your puppy friends' life are when you can easily influence your dog with good commands.

The come and sit command is very important for any dog. Educating him these two easy tasks is vital since this will help him hugely in his attempts to have the ability to learn. You can get more information on how to train my puppy via https://yourdogfirst.com/how-to-quickly-train-your-puppy/

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Come command

The fantastic thing is that really teaching your puppy how to react properly to the “come" commands requires just the most basic of methods, but a wonderful deal of repetition.

The easiest way to get your puppy to comprehend the come command would be to maintain a toy in one hand and a treat in another, then only walk away from him, making sure he remains in exactly the exact same region and does not attempt to follow.

Sit Command

Getting him to "sit" maybe a little bit harder, but it shouldn't be that difficult to achieve. Again, it only requires a very basic dog training routine, and a good deal of patience.

As soon as you have mastered the come instruction to bring your pet to you, place your hand on the end of his back just above his tail and say "sit", whilst gently pushing down on his backside.