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Designer Scarfs – The Perfect Accessory To Adorn Your Neck

Scarves are made of different fabrics such as wool, cashmere, silk, cotton, etc. Countless designs can be found on patterned scarves in various colors. Some people like stripes, while others like bold animal prints.

Scarves are created by several high-end designer brands. Some of the prominent brands include:


This luxurious French brand has an amazing collection of square scarves for women in materials such as silk, wool, chiffon, etc. The designs are endless, from delicate floral, gothic, leopard, ornamental prints to shady hues. Givenchy's signature scarf is ideal for those looking for a simple yet elegant scarf.

It has the logo of the brand repeating itself. Created from wool and available in purple, this scarf offers a cozy charm. You can also purchase the best scarfs for women via www.brandsea.com.


London's urban street style is reflected in Burberry's accessories collection, which is youthful and stylish. This British designer brand has a distinct range of plaid print scarves for men and women.

Every girl would love to have a cashmere scarf, which is soft and warm. Burberry's cashmere scarves are made with classic check prints, some of them fringed. Yet another timeless scarf in a plaid design is their luxurious merino wool scarf in military red.

Men can also opt for cashmere or linen scarves, which have slightly larger squares and are offered in shades like white, charcoal, brown, etc.

Although a wide range of scarves allows you to choose, they also tend to make it difficult for you to find the right scarf. Therefore, you must take into account these factors:

  • If you are looking for an outerwear scarf, select styles that are thick and warm. These scarves are usually very woven.
  • The length of the scarf is important. Try the long and short scarves and then choose your option.
  • For those who want to wear a scarf as a fashion accessory, silk is the best option.