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Cosmetic Dental Veneers And How They Are Applied

Your cosmetic dental clinic provides a wide variety of cosmetic dental treatments, including veneers. Veneers are great for troubleshooting the look of your teeth and also provide a protective coating for damaged or cracked teeth. Veneers have become popular in recent years and are a great alternative to more invasive methods of enhancing your smile.

If you decide to coat your teeth, you will have to visit the cosmetic dentist such as WestonDentalSpecialistsGroup at our practice several times. The first visit consists of a consultation to discuss exactly what to expect after applying the veneer to ensure that the veneer achieves the results you expect.

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Dental veneers are made of two different materials. Porcelain veneers are the type of veneer that is closest to natural teeth. They tend not to change color and are a little thicker. Hence, they need to remove more of the enamel they covered.

When you come for your second visit to the dentist's office, the dentist will leave an imprint on the tooth where the veneers were placed. Since veneers are custom made, it is important to have an impression on the teeth for a perfect fit when applying them. Your enamel will be shaved to make room for the veneers on your next visit. At this point, temporary veneers can be installed to protect the tooth as some of the enamel has been removed.

Another type of veneer is composite resin veneer. This type of veneer is thinner than porcelain veneers and does not require to extract as many teeth as possible to apply. Composite resin veneers look like real teeth, but not like porcelain veneers.