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These Indoor Plants grow well under Low-Lighting Conditions

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Some of the characteristics of the indoor plants include; requiring little water and low light for their growth and survival. As we live in modern times, indoor plants have also become a sense of fashion even though the benefits are there. When it comes to the benefits, there are plenty. For instance; indoor plants are known to absorb more sound making our interior more pleasant and quieter. So, if you’re looking for an indoor plant, then you need to consider some of these types.

  1. Swedish ivy –The Swedish Ivy is probably the best indoor plant for those who are planning to invest in an indoor plant for the first-time. Creeping Cradle is another name of Swedish Ivy which is capable of growing at a faster pace with the help of low light.
  2. Maidenhair Ferns – The Maidenhair Ferns is probably for those who don’t care about looks or beauty. This plant comes with thick leaves and considered to be one of the best indoor plants. Silver Lace comprising of variegated leaves is another option for those who cannot seem to get their hands on the Maidenhair Ferns.
  3. Begonias – If you’re looking for a variety in an indoor plant, then Begonias would be your ideal fit. Comprised of different shapes and different leaf colors, the Begonias is going to bring the inner beauty of your home. If looks still matter to you and cannot get your hands on the Begonias, then try to get the Rex Begonia as another alternative.

There are plants for hire in Melbourne and other cities in Australia where you will get to learn more about different types of indoor plants.