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Importance Of Breast Screening

Breast cancer screening at early stages is crucial for reducing the risk of developing breast cancer in the individual. This process becomes even more important when any of the family members have developed breast cancer or any other type of cancer during their lifetime. 

This increases the risk of developing breast, ovarian, prostate, and pancreatic cancer in an individual. To reduce the risk of developing either of these cancers, screening plays an important role. You can have a consultation with breast specialist doctors via www.drsandrakrishnan.com.au/.

BRCA genes are generally present in every individual. These genes are essential as they perform significant functions in cellular repair mechanisms. These genes also prevent the development of tumor formation in the individual. However, their function gets altered when BRCA genes are mutated due to lifestyle changes and epigenetic factors. 

BRCA testing screens the mutated BRCA genes in an individual, which can help in decreasing the risk of cancer development in an individual. The mutated genes are decoded in the test process. 

Meaningful and in-depth genetic testing reports are generated, which can be used by doctors and oncologists to design an effective treatment plan. The doctor can use genetic testing reports to estimate the risk of developing breast or any other kind of cancer in the family of the individual.