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How can Zencanna POS help in streamlining your dispensary security plan?

Secure Cloud: – Cloud-based POS software can be vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. However, this Zencanna POS uses 256-bit SSL encryption to protect customer and business information. You can also search online to know about licensed medical marijuana transport service in Michigan.

State compliant integration: – Zencanna software point-of-sale is in accordance with the country-specific regulatory framework. Right from staying in sync with the country-specific tracking system of the seed-to-sales, to integrate well with accounting, payroll, marketing, and certain other countries' tax systems, retail software store, secure business operations compliant at all stages.

Inventory tracking: – Perhaps the highest features of POS is inventory tracking and real-time updating. It also automates the updating of inventory to another level, where it will send all alerts and notifications when the numbers go down a certain level, placing orders directly on behalf of the budtender.

Secure identification of clients: – Easy and state medical card patients and physicians on the influx of customers make a smooth and hassle-free. POS has automated visitor management feature, which easily verifies new or returning patient, keep their personal information secure while creating their profile for future reference.

Safe transport/delivery: – Advanced application delivery showing the map of life, the status of the delivery personnel, delivery job, geo-fencing, idling, send notifications or warnings directly, in the event of a security breach or accident. This ensures safe transport of the products of cannabis to patients/customers.