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All About Debt Collection Agencies In Mitcham

Dealing with debt is stressful enough without having to constantly deal with threatening phone calls from creditor collection agencies or third-party collection agencies.  What you may not realize is that collection agencies should not harass or threaten you.

A lot of people get away with it because people just accept that it's part of the job and it's legal. However, this is not the case and you have the rights as a consumer even if you are late paying. You can also contact the consolidated collection agency via https://www.accessmercantile.com.au/.

The first thing you need to know is that you can ask a lender or debt collection agency to contact you only if you are comfortable. They have the legal right to ask them not to contact you while you are working.

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Nothing can stop them from contacting you completely, but you can ask them to call you at a more convenient time. This will stop any persistent phone calls and ease your worries a little. Another thing to understand is that a lender or debt collection agency cannot threaten you or speak to you in an obscene way.

Some do it because they know they can run away, but once you know your rights and let them know you know your rights, you will quickly find that their tone of voice changes and they treat you with more respect. You also have no right to treat you unfairly when collecting debts.

Expect collection agencies to be rude to you when they come to your house. However, doing so is against the law and you have the right.