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Tips For Growing And Maintaining Healthy Natural Hair

Individual curl styles, which we come across frequently, are unique and therefore require tailored care for particular hair types. However, there are methods that can help everyone, regardless of your hair type or texture.


The frizzy/curly texture of the afro-textured hair causes the hair to dry out and break easily because the natural oils have difficulty moving along the walls. To overcome this condition, it is important to add moisture. 

Moisturizing adds moisture to hair while a basic conditioner is applied, making hair softer, more flexible, and manageable. This is also considered the best treatment for maintaining the damaged hair. You can also visit https://hairandme.com.au/collections/hair-treatment and find out various products that are used to moisturize your tresses.

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A popular trend in the natural hair community is "wash together", where washing is done with conditioner instead of shampoo. This is mainly to avoid dryness caused by some shampoos that strip oil from the hair during the cleansing process. Protein-based conditioners add protein for growth and recovery. Hair conditioner nourishes, restores moisture, and adds shine. 

Use Safe Hair Products: 

We no longer feed our bodies unnecessary junk and additives, this also applies to hair care. Use products with natural ingredients that are safer and more beneficial for your hair than chemical products. Some silicone additives can cause significant product buildup, and some sulfates can be crude by removing natural oils from the hair. The key here is to read labels carefully and experiment to find out which product works best for you.