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Wall Art Ideas For Your Space In Isreal

The best way to fill a space you love is with memories that mean something. Photos of past travels, big milestones, celebrations, and even just your candid every day make any house feel more like home. Before you fill your bare walls with photo art or framed prints, take time to plan your display.

To make things even easier on you, see what wall decor ideas below are ideal for your space:

1. Use Large Format Photo Prints

Large formats prints amplify your subject. Large format photos typically stand on their own, but there are some playful ways to display them by grouping multiple prints together. The Ketubah prints nowadays are also very popular. You can easily buy modern ketubah designs from various online sources.

2. Make Photo Grid of Your Prints

The key to this type of wall display is achieving balance. To get started with a photo grid or mosaic, make sure you have:

  • Gentle adhesive like washi or double-sided foam tape
  • Floor or table space to blueprint your photo placements

Start by laying out the images on a flat space in the bounds of the shape that you want them. Measure the padding between each print to create consistency. We recommend using square photo prints set all at the same size that share a similar tone.

4. Add Sophistication to your Space with Acrylic Wall Art

Acrylic wall art adds depth to your imagery unlike any other wall decor option. Its polished acrylic layer draws out every detail of your photo. We recommend choosing images that celebrate deeply-colored or bright undertones. When pairing multiple pieces of acrylic wall art together, try to use similar photography styles and balanced color palettes.