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Listen To A $200k Real Estate Investing Phone Call

Have you ever considered buying a real estate investment property? Real estate investing is historically one of the best ways to build and create wealth. Even though many people claim to want to make more money, very few ever actually try any form of real estate investing. There are tons of gurus online that claim to be able to teach you the best real estate investing strategies, but with so many to choose from and the courses being so expensive it's virtually impossible to know who to listen to. If you want to take a break from all the noise and simply listen in on a real life real estate investing phone call discussing multiple $100,000 in investment properties you can watch the video posted by TailHappyTV.

In this real estate investing video Matt talks with his real estate agent about progress on his first $100,000 investment property, and he is then unexpectedly invited to join a second real estate investment deal for an additional $100k. TailHappyTV doesn't have anything to sell you or any motive for you to take action on an investment course or anything like that. The channel is actually mostly about indoor cycling and fitness products, but he also dabbles in real estate investing and Matt simply posted the video to share his first real estate investing experience with the world.