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How To Increase Real Instagram Followers

There are many ways of increasing real Instagram followers. But ‘buying Instagram followers’ and ‘hiring an Instagram brand promotion agency’ are two ways that most people use to boost the number of following. Some people prefer buying followers and some consider taking help from Instagram promotion services. If you want to increase Instagram followers, you can visit https://newaudiencemedia.com.au.


Instagram brand promotion agency offers you Instagram promotion plans to promote accounts for more followers and likes. Instagram promotion plans are categorized into two types- the basic plan and the advanced plan.

The promotion plans can be renewed and canceled at any time. The plans include the research team and dedicated team manager who will help you in the promotion of your account. They use marketing strategies to find a competitor. They also help or guide you on how to use filters, geolocations, captions, themes, and right hashtags.

There is a misconception that hiring an Instagram promotion services provider agency costs very expensive but it is not true in every case. It depends on which promotion plan you are buying. The basic Instagram promotion plan can cost you between $60 to $70 and the advanced plan may cost you between $120 to $ 150. The price of promotion plans keeps changing according to demand.