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Tips for Successful Employee Recruitment

Is the candidate sitting in front of you right for this job? How do you know when market conditions are so volatile, it’s hard to predict all the qualifications and attributes you’re going to need six months or one year down the road? So to grab an opportunity you should look up what you need to know to excel in the field of HR on a regular bassis.

As the world of work is changing — constantly reorganizing, fragmenting, and requiring market reconceptualization – you’ve got to ask the right interview questions as well as internal questions to see if the candidate has the attributes you need to grow your business and adapt to constant change.

recruitment tips for candidates

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Old command and control work environments didn’t demand the kind of flexibility, adaptability, and broad business knowledge that new dynamic work environments do. Desirable candidates, even ones who have the right qualifications, must be flexible, rapid, and eager learners. Here are some questions you need to ask.

1.  Is the candidate highly adaptive?

You want someone who is fleet on their feet in adapting to changes in the work environment since right now change is the only constant in most organizational systems. Can the candidate offer you examples of how they were able to grow, shift, and evolve to workplace change in their last position? Adaptability, the capacity to take on new roles and embrace new ways of thinking, are critical when the winds of the economy swirl.

2.  Do they ask great questions?

 Everyone knows you need to come to a job interview having researched the position. But once they’re in the interview, what do they “hear” about the business or your work? Are they able to listen, synthesize and ask thoughtful questions about the heart of your business? Great interview questions from the candidate can tell you a lot about how a candidate thinks and whether they will be able to diagnose a market problem as it is occurring, and respond to it.

3.   Are they voraciously curious?

What else do they want to know? Are they lit up with questions? Instead of desperately seeking certainty, it is about embracing uncertainty. Because a great employee now needs to be a great learner, being voraciously curious is key to high productivity and breakthrough thinking.

4.   Can they see patterns in disparate information?

Mountains of data and an overabundance of information now overwhelm every work environment.  Does the candidate demonstrate they can see patterns and sense important trends in information, workflows and organizational crises?

Old-style work environments required employees who could effectively respond, but new market conditions demand the ability to proactively “see” what’s happening in the market synthetically and to be able to communicate it to others. This ability to see patterns in swaths of information and data needs to be something you hire for, from the front desk receptionist to the regional sales manager, to IT security.

5. Are they team players?

While some businesses tolerate “brilliant jerks,” today’s competitive business environment demands individuals who are deeply cooperative and have skills to help groups thrive and be productive. You don’t want to hire a “swan,” someone who is so self-directed and creative they have difficulty collaborating, or an “eagle” that thinks only about themselves and their own competitive gains.

This means searching for the candidate who understands their thinking is improved by collaboration and diversity and also has the interpersonal skills to add to the team.

Finding the right person to join your team is no easy task, and the job interview is your best chance at determining whether or not they make the cut—but only if you have an interview strategy in place.