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Types of Guided Meditation

In the fast-moving world, we are living in now, it is inevitable that we have to come across stress and anxiety in our lives. If you are constantly stressed out by the people around you, with your work or with your current circumstances, meditation might just be what you need to break free from all these negativity. It is a way to de-stress and can help a person to experience inner peace, calmness or even harmony with the supreme power and universe.

Besides these, meditation is also for those who want to achieve breakthroughs and success in their lives or to overcome obstacles in certain areas. There are endless reasons why people meditate, but it's always to achieve a positive outcome. There are mainly two categories of guided meditation  – Individual and Group Guided Meditation.

Individual Guided Meditation

A form of meditation done alone, usually in a comfortable setting that allows us to relax physically. A popular method is to use meditation MP3 audio or DVD, where soothing music and subliminal messages will guide someone through the journey of visualization and imagination.

Group Guided Meditation

This is done in a group setting, guided by instructors of meditation. As the instructor is physically present to provide assistance or provide immediate feedback, guided group meditation usually produce bigger results compared to individual meditation. It also provides a support platform for participants to socialize with other like-minded individuals, where they can be encouraged, pick up new tips or learn different techniques in meditation.