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Important Flower Arranging Tips

Most people enjoy having fresh cut flowers around their homes, but they are often hesitant when it comes to arranging them. If you want to get better at arranging flowers in your home there are a few tips here that can help.

  • First, one thing that most florists have when it comes to arranging flowers is confidence. They also take courses and work on their skills, but confidence is the place to start. You should think about your skill in life and that their skills can help you and give you the confidence to make a good arrangement. You can order basic floristry & sundries tool kit online from flower design school.

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  • Also forget the rules that you learn from books. Yes, the book can help, but your instinct will be better. You know what you want; You also know what color flowers more fun for you. 
  • If you enjoy a smaller petals in the flower petals are larger, you should consider grouping the smaller species together. With a smaller set together they will stand out and not get lost among larger.
  • Sometimes you only need one flower. If you have small vase for the setting you are considering going with a larger blooms that can take on the vase without losing appeal.
  • A container can be anything other than a vase. Cup, an old jar or other container can work well to get your perfect setting. 
  • Part of the arrangement is to ensure blooms will stay around for long periods of time. After you cut the blooms they begin to die, but if you cut them well and offer them a little fertilizer can last up to a week, rather than to die in a few days. Always use sharp scissors or a sharp knife. Never use your fingers or something boring.