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How To Make A Family Tree Conceot Map?

A family tree concept map is the most common form of visually documenting one's ancestry. Most family tree charts include a box for each individual and each box is connected to the others to indicate relationships.

An effective family tree concept map diagram may consist of an individual's name, each box may include dates, birthplace, and other information, depending on the desired complexity.

The easiest way to draw a family tree is to start with a family tree template. There are easy-to-use buttons on various online mapping tools to add descendants, ancestors, spouses, and siblings.

You have to decide what generation you want to start with. You can start with yourself and build backward or start with an older generation like great grandparents and build downwards.

  • Decide how many generations you want to show.
  • Start drawing from yourself backward or from the oldest generation downward.
  • Each individual in your family will be represented with a box connected to others with lines that indicate relationships.
  • Add descendants, ancestors, spouses, and siblings by clicking on the corresponding buttons to the left.
  • In addition to names, you can also add birth dates as well as pictures, or anything else that would enhance your tree.
  • To make your diagram easy to understand, each layer should represent a single generation.