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Sharing Information With Your Estate Planning Attorney

You will need to meet with an estate planning lawyer when you have decided it is time for your estate plan. You may feel uncomfortable talking to your estate planning attorney and that you need to keep some information secret. 

However, if you decide to keep information secret, it could cause problems with your estate plan. Your estate plan will only be as good as the information you share with your estate planning lawyer. If you’re looking for more information about estate planning attorneys in NJ, check this out.

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Your attorney will create a plan for your estate according to the client's goals and facts that the client shares. The attorney may not be able to create a plan that achieves the goals of the client if they refuse to share them. Often, clients will hide facts from fear of embarrassment or discomfort. These can drastically alter the plan. 

To ensure the best estate plan, it is important to discuss any family problems or problems with potential heirs with an estate attorney. Once the attorney-client relationship starts, the attorney must adhere to strict confidentiality standards. The attorney can't reveal confidential information you share with them. 

The attorney and the client keep deep dark secrets and other concerns about a family that are not appropriate to share with relatives or the general public. This information is kept confidential even after your death. 

This standard is in place so there's no reason to worry about sharing all information with your attorney.