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Guide To Making Refrigerator Pickles

One of the few things that did even mildly well in my greenhouse this summer were my two cucumber plants. I say mildly because after getting about 10-12 fruits, everything else died before it could get a growth spurt going.

This small amount of cucumber is not, in my opinion, warrant heat up my kitchen and slaving over a hot stove. But, I could not eat them fast enough. So, I went searching on the internet for advice about what to do with them. To my great surprise, I found that yes, you can pickle without cooking.

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The materials referred to white wine vinegar, distilled white vinegar, brown sugar, mustard seeds, pepper, fresh dill, and some spice that I do not have. Because I love garlic, lots of fresh cloves are added as well. Habaneros would have been added too, but then my husband and young daughter would not touch them. I do not have dill and go to the store to buy some.

There are several bunches in a bucket of water and was not sure if it is really dill, I stood in the middle of the production area holding some in my hand, looked completely lost because there is no where any employee in the eye. A woman walked by and asked if I live in the general vicinity, and it turns out, we live only a mile away from one another.

He told me to go put back what's in my hand, said he had plenty of dill were reseeded itself from a year ago, he would not make again pickles and do not know what to do with all the remaining dill. After giving me his address, we parted.