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What Tools Are Needed for CNC Machining?

The tools needed to work on CNC machines are varied depending on the type of machine you’re working with. Generally speaking, you are going to need something to create your shapes, something for measuring distance, and machinery that will help you hold the material steady as you work with it.

CNC machining is the process of producing complex shapes or parts by removing material from a solid block using computer assistance. CNC stands for computer numeric control, which means the diverse machining operations are carried out digitally. A successful CNC machining operation requires various CNC Machine Tools. A CNC machine provides the advantage of accomodating a wide range of cutting tools for fabricating materials of different shapes and sizes.

Top 5 Tools Are Needed for CNC Machining

End Mills

End mills are perhaps one of the most commonly used tooling on a shop floor. This is not surprising as end mills are used to cut all kinds of materials whether for making jewelry or aerospace components.

End mill is a cutting tool that cuts into or removes material. It comes in different shapes and sizes. The shape of tools depends on how it is used. Tools are made of many materials, including steel, carbide, HSS, PWC, diamond and titanium. It can be modified by adding coatings or changing its design to handle different material, speed, flutes and cutting conditions.

Drill Bits

Drill bits are indispensable in many manufacturing tasks. In fact, machinists rely on these tools to produce high quality results during work sessions. For those who don’t know, CNC machining is a process that uses computer aided technology and programmable machines to turn raw materials into finished parts and components. This technology is quite popular today. Besides that, it’s also considered as one of the best techniques used for producing those kinds of parts and components.

The drill bits for CNC machining are mainly used to drill the holes in plastic. The diameter, length and hole depth of the most commonly used CNC drill bits for wood, plastic and steel are coded by numbers expressed with a letter.

Thread Mills and Taps

Thread mills and taps are the types of tools that can be used in machining centers for threading purposes. The difference between these two types of tools is that thread mills are also capable of handling larger holes (holes with longer diameters).

Thread mills and taps are two different tools that you will need to start cutting threads on your parts. Without them, you will not be able to reach the tighter tolerances needed for precision machining. Let’s take a look at each one and find out what they do individually and how they work together to produce threading quickly and accurately .


Reamers are a very important part of the CNC machining process. They are used to enlarge a hole that has been glued. The most common material used for reamers is tungsten carbide because that is one of the most durable materials that is commonly used in the industry today.

A reamer is a cutting tool that removes material to open the diameter of a hole. It is usually made from high quality steel. A hole can get bigger with continuous work on it by using a file, deburring tool, milling machine, CNC machine, drilling machine and other useful tools. Unluckily if making large holes, too much pressure can make the hole wall become wider in size which has negative effects on the hole wall. This is when the reamers are used in order to decrease its size in order to make it smooth enough for production level.

Hollow Mills

Hollow mills are used to cut out areas that are shaped like a cross or are just generally hollow. A hollow mill includes two different ways to adjust the machine’s cutter, including its depth and feed rate. These two adjustments are able to vary the speed of the mill.

Hollow mills are required when you want to produce decorative items in hollow form. These tools are mainly used for milling ceramics and various other materials. These tools can be used for making bowls, flower pots and many other decorative things in shape of a bowl with ease and speed. The process is automated in most cases and this helps in saving time and money both.