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Understanding Reisterstown’s Different Hammertoe Surgery Procedures

If a toe is affected by an imbalance in the muscles between the tendons at the upper and lower sides it results in a hammertoe. At the beginning of this condition, the toe was flexible. However, if the condition remains untreated, what was flexible can gradually become stiff and inflexible. If the issue reaches the point of being unaddressable, there's nothing else to do other than undergo hammertoe surgery. 

There are many clinics available for the treatment of hammertoes in Reisterstown. If you perform it while your toe or toes are still in the flexible phase, the simple release of the tendon is usually the best option. In this method, you can release the lower tendon, also commonly referred to as a flexor, and move it up towards the top of your toe. This releases the joint from the buckle as well as allows your toe to lie flat. There are occasions when the bottom and top tendons are released from the joint, but they are not moved.

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Simple tendon releases are the most straightforward way to recover. It is typically nothing more than a single cut, and it is then closed using a single stitch, and then covered with an adhesive bandage. If you need to have several toes surgically treated simultaneously, recovering may take longer.

For those who postpone surgery in Reisterstown for hammertoe until the joint becomes rigid, the procedure is more complicated. The most common method is arthroplasty. This procedure involves surgeons removing a small portion of the joint for the toe to be straightened. In the most extreme instances, the doctor can take out the entire joint and put in an implant.

Best Methods Of Bunion Treatment

There are a number of common foot-related deformities; however, bunions are the most common. The appearance of a bunion is a result of a specific bone displacement just below the big or little toe, although most frequently it is the big toe that is affected.

This bone shifting creates a prominent bony-like growth that protrudes out of the affected area and is clearly visible on the bunion joint on the affected foot. The lump may be the metatarsal head itself, or new bone formed in response to pressure.

There are several ways of treating bunions or hallux valgus in Reisterstown and the treatment administered will vary according to the extent of the condition. In the more minor cases, a simple change of shoes may suffice while extreme cases could require some form of surgery.

Surgery is deemed necessary for correction of the deformity only in the most severe cases and it is usually carried out by a podiatrist or an orthopedic surgeon. The operation is not just a cosmetic procedure because it helps in the proper alignment of the big toe.

The recovery period for the operation usually takes a period of between 6 and 8 weeks. During this period, the patient is normally expected to move around using crutches.

Orthotics are also a recommended treatment, especially when the bunions are formed due to congenital bone defects. These are specially designed products used to correct structural disorders and ease the pain.

Other good treatment devices in Reisterstown are bunion night splints, shoe inserts, as well as specialized shoe padding which offers protection from rubbing. The key thing when dealing with bunions is to seek professional help as soon as the symptoms appear.