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How to Write a Viable Proposal

Writing a proposal is a critical task. Every organization/company, which sells either product/ services, has to create a proposal explaining itself, its products or services, what they can do, etc. As a writer, you need to be diligent while writing the proposal because your organization’s fortunes are depended on its success. You can choose the best rfp assist to consider RFP help for your business.

Proposals are of two types: Solicited and Unsolicited. Solicited proposals are those proposals, which are requested by the clients themselves. In addition, unsolicited proposals are those proposals, which the organization has taken an initiative to write and send it to a client, who has not requested it. In the latter case, chances are there that the client may not read the proposal at all.

A winning proposal presents the matter in a proper and attractive layout. The whole text is neatly divided into different headings and is organized clearly so that there would not be any confusion for the reader while reading the proposal. All the headings are listed out under “Table of Contents” and the pages are numbered out.

An engaging proposal starts with an Executive summary of the organization and lists out the products/ services it wants to sell. In the case of a product-based organization, all the features of the product will be listed out. In the case of a service-based organization, all the concerned services with quality certifications will be listed out. The next step speaks about the USP of the product /service.

The next thing is to identify your competitors and prepare a competitive analysis matrix. This matrix table gives the prospective client, at a glance, what are all the important features your product /service have, and at the same time, s/he will come to know whether such kind of features are available in your competitor’s product/ service or not.