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Stay Sharp, Stay on the Road

training course fatigue management

Systemizing sleep and rest to ensure the best possible awareness while driving is a difficult job. Commercial drivers of heavy vehicles are burdened with this responsibility. Any fatigue that may arise due to long journeys must be managed healthily.

Understanding this through a fatigue management training course  that fulfills the NHVAS requirements creates safer and low-risk roads for everyone. Significant signs of fatigue are:

Slower reflexes

Bad hand-eye coordination

Tiredness despite sleeping

Reduced concentration

Short term memory problems

Impaired visual perception or blurry vision

Extended sleeping on days off work

It is indubitable that driving while tired can cause fatal mistakes. In this program, both drivers and schedulers will be guided on numerous aspects:

Major causes and aggravating factors

The biological cycle of sleep and wakefulness

Sleep disorders

Effects of fatigue on driving and symptoms

Rules and responsibilities for drivers

Chain of responsibility

Recognizing policy breaches

Risk assessment and management

Management of delays or unexpected circumstances

Developing, evaluating, and updating strategies

Counteraction and prevention methods

Get Certified as per NHVAS Guidelines

This course is the most affordable and convenient option to fulfill the requirements of the NHVAS. You can access it anywhere, anytime, on any device with an internet connection, and be certified by a nationally accredited institution in a matter of a few hours. By aiding with the management of sleep, this fatigue management training course can improve the health of drivers, and enable schedulers to take the fatigue of the drivers into account and work around it.

Stay sharp, and stay on the road!