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Bed Bug Treatment Near You And How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Cimex Lectularius is commonly known as bed bugs. These are small, flat, oval insects that crawl in the night to eat a sleeping person. They are flat and can fit in any hole or crevice in the house, because they are only 1mm to 5mm in size.

Confirm the presence of these pests

If you need bed bug treatments in your home, the first step is to confirm their presence.

  • The main sign that they are present is their bite marks. These are tiny, reddish bite marks that one sees when he or she gets up from the bed.

bed bug treatments

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  • You may find dark fecal spots around and near the bed. Bed mites leave these spots as they travel.

  • You will find bugs crawling all over your mattress.

After confirmation of their existence, bed mite treatment can be started.

These Pests Can Be Treated

There are many ways to treat infestations. There are many options for treating an infestation, including:

  • High temperatures are known to cause death in bed bugs.

  • A practical treatment for bed bugs is vacuuming all carpets, furniture and cracks.

  • Use hot water to thoroughly wash all the clothes.

  • Applying insecticides that are specifically designed to kill bed mites is a good idea.

Bed mites can survive up to one year on their own without needing to be fed. They can travel as far as 100 feet to find food. You should treat bed mites thoroughly and completely.