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Learning to Drive the Best Way

When you become seventeen no doubt you have been looking forward to sending off for your provisional driving license so you can learn to drive, and gain freedom. Or maybe you have just put off driving and now that great job is too far to get the train or bus, making you rethink about learning to drive.

There are many ways in which you can learn to drive and it’s a good idea to research all of them before you start learning.

You can also learn to drive ( which is also known as” เรียนขับรถ” in thai language ) a car by enrolling yourself in driving school)

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If you are looking to save money on your driving lessons it may be an idea to think about booking onto a residential driving school. This is because if you book lessons for one hour weekly this can be a costly and also a slower way of learning to drive.

This is for two reasons, the first is that learning something new with such long gaps in between each lesson will mean that you never get to fully practice what you learn while it is fresh in your memory, this will mean that although you will be learning driving techniques slowly, every time you get back in the car after a weeks break you will have to refresh your memory and it will put you back slightly each time.

Secondly, because of this, it will take you longer to learn to drive and conquer the maneuvers. This means that you will end up spending more on learning to drive.

To learn to drive quickly and cheaply it may be an idea to book yourself onto a residential driving school. This is where you have intensive driving lessons over a week. During the week you will take your theory test and at the end of the week, your test will already be booked ready for you to take after you finished your residential driving school.

This is the best way to learn to drive as you will be intensively driving for a week helping you master driving quickly and also because you are buying your week in bulk the cost will be cheaper than if you drove over a year with one lesson per week. It will take you less time to drive at a residential driving school than it would over a long period of time. The advantages of learning to drive through a residential driving school are that it’s faster, cheaper, there is less distraction if you do it somewhere else for the week, one to one tuition all day, and that there are no long waiting times for your driving test at the end.