Learn About Martial Arts Weapons

Martial Arts is one the most popular fighting styles in the modern world. Martial arts include karate and Jiu-Jitsu as well as kickboxing. There are many reasons why martial arts techniques are in high demand. These include self-defense, competition, and physical and spiritual development. 

For those not familiar with martial art weapons, escrima sticks might be less well-known than nunchucks or bo staffs. Escrima sticks are basically a shorter version than jo and bo staff. They are made of the same materials as bo staffs, including hardwood and rattan, and are light and durable. You can buy escrima sticks from https://bushido.ca/products/weapons/sticks/escrima-sticks-bow-staff-sticks/.

Escrima Sticks

To master martial arts fighting styles, you must be able to recognize the various weapons that are used. The bo and jo staffs are the most well-known weapons. These weapons are designed for self-defense but can also be used with leg kicks to make powerful offensive strikes. 

Bo and Jo staff can vary in length and the materials they are made from. Staffs made from rattan and hardwood are durable and light. Modern bo staffs are made of metals like aluminum and can deliver a stronger punch.!

Martial arts can be described as a broad term that covers a wide range of fighting styles.