Interested in Driving Trucks?

Looking for employment? Have you considered driving a truck? What’s involved? Driving early starts and maybe night driving, heaps of fast food, and little exercise. What skills do I need?

· You should have a full automobile driving license.
· You have to be over 18, over 21, or even 25 in some cases. Check with the licensing people regarding the minimum age for driving a truck.
· The ability to speak English. A lot of organizations will not let you onto their premises unless you can understand safety signs and directions printed in English.
· Patience. You may meet a great deal of stupidity as you drive around the country, largely from inexperienced drivers.
· The ability to work early mornings, or late evenings, without it affecting your body chemistry a lot

You can also learn to drive a truck ( which is also known as ” เรียนขับรถบรรทุก ” in thai language).

Learn to drive a truck

Where do you start? There are lots of routes to the job.

· You can begin as a driver’s assistant, sitting in the cab, helping to unload and blocking traffic when the driver is reversing the truck. The company may hopefully contribute towards the price of your truck driving education.
· One can pay a semi driving school to educate you about the ins and outs of handling different kinds of trucks.

Upon getting a license you’ll be able to get driving jobs anywhere your license is valid, or you can buy a truck and create a transport company. Setting up as an owner-operator is best left until you have a lot more experience of the business. There are always going to be opportunities for truck drivers. It’s only a matter of selecting them. This is implicit in any distributed economy, where such a significant amount of end- customers are only reachable by road transport.