Important Tips About Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest starts on September 17th and of course, it's a huge job. But the German city has more to offer than beer gardens and lederhosen. On a trip earlier this year, I discovered cocktail bars, beach culture, and entertainment from a deep and special nature.

Munich Gold Ribbon

At the back of the gallery is a small elegant restaurant, The Golden Bar, for cocktails and work discussions. You can also get information about Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest through the web.

Oktoberfest German Culture

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Surfing in Ice Bach

Just around the corner is the Eisbach, an artificial river with waves for urban surfers and those who love to watch them.

Flushing Meadows Munich

While people drink right on the river (there's a beer vendor by the bridge), the rooftop bar at The Flushing Meadows offers a more traditional bird's-eye view, away from the crowds.

Munich Ballet

This year they didn't play Swan Lake – but Giselle – but it was great to see a show of the Bavarian State Ballet at the ornate National Theatre. Kiwi tip: If the ticket costs only 10 euros, the back of your head will likely cloud your view.

German sausage

On the kitsch side are day trips to one of Bavaria's mountain health resorts. The destination was Wendelstein, but upon arrival, there was a sign that the gondola lift was closed for repairs that day. 

The old beer garden and a serving of traditional beef sausage, which looks the worst but doesn't taste the worst, are also not to be missed.