Community Information

The North Hills Water District owns the water mains, pipes, and hydrants throughout the water district which includes most of the Townships of Northfield Center and Sagamore Hills. By a Court Order, approximately 300 homes are not within the District and are serviced by a private water well system. This area is outside the District and generally located North of State Route 82, West of Olde Route Eight, South of Valley View and East of Boyden Roads and known as the “Spring” streets. This area also has no hydrant service.
The North Hills Water District is responsible for the system in the rest of the community and regularly provides services including:
(1) the painting and servicing of the hydrants;
(2) the installation and replacement of new water mains, and
(3) the annual charge for water for fire service within the District.
The cost of operating the District is paid through property tax upon all real property within the District.
The water in the District system is supplied by the City of Cleveland.
Customers receive all billing through the City of Cleveland.
The City of Cleveland also provides emergency repair services for leaks and breaks in the District.
For 2009, the City of Cleveland’s water rates for the first MCF (one thousand cubic feet of water) per quarter is billed at the rate of $24.57 and each additional MCF is billed at the rate of $52.53.
The City of Cleveland also adds a quarterly service charge of $7.00 to each bill. For the collection year 2008, the tax collection for the District is at the rate of .454960 for residential property which is less than one percent of a residential property tax bill.
The City of Cleveland also provides discounts for water rates through a homestead program. The homestead program is for persons who:
(1) are 65 years of age or older or are permanently or totally disabled,
(2) total annual income does not exceed the certain income limits ($28,600.00 for 2010), and
(3) must own and live at the applying service address.
To qualify for this program the resident must be qualified for the homestead exemption provisions of Chapter 323 of the Ohio Revised Code. If you qualify for the homestead rate all MCFs are billed at $10.92 for 2009.
Persons on the homestead program remain subject to the quarterly service charge of $7.00 and the real estate taxes of the District.