Combining Wedding and Birthday Celebrations

Sometimes, your wedding coincides in some way with the birthday of one or more of the main guests. While your marriage will be the main focus of your wedding, it is nice to also honor any other important events that are taking place during the day. These are simple ways that you can please your loved ones. You can find the best event planner for your wedding and birthday at Tablean Deve.

It is easy to become so involved in planning your wedding that you forget about the rest. While this is a common occurrence for every bride, it is not uncommon to become so focused on the wedding that you neglect to remember the important milestones in your lives and those of your family members. Their support and presence will make your wedding special. You should make sure to tell them how special you are.

Surprise your sister or bridesmaid by including a birthday celebration at the wedding. A birthday cake could be served in her honor at the rehearsal dinner. This is a good idea since it will be her closest friends and family at the party. The birthday girl will be able to sing "Happy Birthday!" to her friends.

You can surprise the honoree depending on how much you want to make of it. But let the rest of your guests know about your plans. It might be nice to give the birthday girl a few gifts from her family, especially if she is the sister of the bride. You will want to give the birthday girl a separate gift along with the other bridesmaid gifts. You should give each bridesmaid a different gift than any birthday gift.