Check Main Nutritional Needs of an Adult Cat

To stay healthy, cats need a balanced diet and a certain number of calories each day. Of course, it wouldn't be the same between a cat roaming around all night and one spending his days in an armchair. Likewise, sterilized cats have less energy than others. As a rule, the daily energy intake varies between 60 and 70 kcal per kilogram.

Everyone knows this: cats are carnivores. Therefore, their need for dietary protein is important, on the one hand for general physical condition and on the other for the beauty of their hair. Protein makes up between 30 and 40% of the ratio. You can easily buy cat food products online.

This is a peculiarity of cats: they do not synthesize certain amino acids, no matter how much is necessary for the proper functioning of their bodies. Therefore, their diet should include taurine, which protects their heart, eyes, and reproductive system, as well as arginine, to clear toxic waste and methionine to prevent urinary tract infections and more.

A cat's first need for food is water, which should always be there. This notably prevents him from concentrating his urine too much and thus risking the formation of bladder stones. If your cat isn't drinking enough, opt for water fountains, which cats really love! 

To overcome the deficiency of water in cats, you can add wet food to their diet. Hence, give your cat a balanced diet to stay healthy.