Buy The Best Primitivo di Manduria

Primitivo is also known as Zinfandel, is a grape variety that is well-known in California’s Winelands. This variety makes dark-red wines that are rich in fruit flavors and have grippy tannins.

Primitivo’s high levels of tannins make it necessary for wine to mature in oak barrels before it can be released. Winemakers aim to age their wines for between 4 and 5 years before they are released. They encourage further aging for as long as fifteen years in order to get the best out of this variety. You can also buy the best Primitivo di manduria by browsing many online sites.

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Primitivo and Zinfandel are distinguished by their primary aromas, sweetness, and body. While Primitivo is the exact same grape variety as Zinfandel, their characteristics are quite different. However, the differences are primarily due to the soil and climate variations in these two regions. These are the key differences between Zinfandel and Primitivo soil characteristics.

Primitivo has high tannins, which are characterized by fruity, peppery, and floral aromas. Zinfandel is also very fruity, with less grippy tannins and more jammy, cooked fruits flavors. Zinfandel’s high heat results in Zinfandel accumulating more sugar than Primitivo. This makes it sweeter and has higher alcohol levels.

Primitivo di Manduria of the highest quality are fruity, full-bodied, and have a refreshing acidity. You will find hints of sour, black cherry, plums, and sometimes strawberry jam. Many of them have a spicy flavor with licorice and pepper notes.

These wines go well with rich foods like stewed, braised, and roasted meats, aged cheeses, and pizza, as well as spicy Asian cuisines such as pizza, curry, and spicy Asian food. Primitivo di Manduria is an excellent choice for a summer barbecue. It can be used with pulled pork, ribs, and steak, as well as chili-rubbed chicken.