All About Tower Cranes and its Parts

Tower cranes outshine all other cranes in terms of utility and flexibility. They come with ideal lifting technology for all civil engineering tasks. 

They have proven their value both in the construction of large-scale industrial projects and in small housing buildings throughout the world. This versatile crane rises hundreds of feet into the air.

Tower cranes (Also Known as “ ทาวเวอร์เครน “ in the Thai Language) have the following features and specifications: maximum lifting power, maximum range, equaliser, and maximum unsupported height. 

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Tower crane manufacturers build it with the following basic parts.

Base: The base is mounted to the ground to support cranes.

Tower: The tower is connected to the base and to provide stability and save space vertically and important parts are often installed with a large beam added to the complete structure. It gives height to the crane.

JIB: JIB is installed in a slewing unit. It suspends the load from the trolley. The trolley motor is placed in JIB.

Lifting Hook: Lifting Hook is operated using an electric motor to control the wire rope cable through the system of sheaves.

These are the basic parts that must be considered before contacting the tower crane supplier.